Kyle paints what inspires him.  Whether it be lights, reflections, people, pets, color, or places. 


His wine and spirits paintings are an exploration of color, light and reflection as opposed to exact reality.  The combination of light, color and reflection allow me to paint in an almost abstract way.  I try to provide the viewer with many different areas to find aesthetic pleasure.   His goal is  to bring to life the play of light and reflection coming through in the bottles as well as the liquid and glasses. 


Kyle's paintings of cities and towns are inspired by their charm and almost magical grace and beauty.  They are an exploration of light, color, and reflection.   He is able to infuse a mix of Realism and Abstraction to create a town shimmering in beauty with streets like sheets of glass.  He strives to capture both the way places look as well as the way those places make him feel through romanticized scenes filled with a focus on an intense and rich color palette.