Custom Favors for Weddings and Other Events

       Two years ago my wife and I got married.  We knew right away when we began planning the wedding that we wanted to make sure the wedding reflected us and we wanted to make sure that we showed our appreciation to all of our friends and families that traveled far and wide to share our special day.  Tying both of those things together, we came up with the idea to do small canvases.  Not only because I'm an artist, but we wanted to send our guests home with something that was meaningful, something that wasn't going to be left behind or end up in a box in the basement.  I painted scenes of our hometown where the wedding was taking place as well as various wine and spirits on miniature 4x4 canvases.  They were so well received that I wanted to make that idea along with the ability to personalize it available for those looking for meaningful and custom works of art. 

       Spending the day of your wedding or any event is always an amazing and unforgettable experience.  Friends and loved ones travel to be with you on your big day and often come bearing gifts and tokens of best wishes.  To thanks all those that show their love and support, they in return are given favor and gifts as a keepsake of the occasion.   

      What I offer is the ability to make meaningful and special gifts for the special people in your lives attending the special moments of your lives such as weddings and other events.


Paintings are hand painted on 4"x4" canvas with acrylic.  I can customize the art to different themes, places, drinks, and color backgrounds.


Orders can be placed by contacting me through here 

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